Anti snap euro lock fitting in Bristol

There has been a 25% increase in lock snapping in Bristol in the last year. 

Do you need anti snap euro locks fitted in Bristol? 

Lower Costing Locksmiths in Bristol, stock, supply and fit three star kite marked anti snap euro locks. We secure homes and businesses all over Bristol.

What is euro lock snapping?

Euro lock snapping is when your lock is attacked and snapped in half. This then gives access for the burglar to operate the locking mechanism with very little knowledge or tools and open your door. This method is very fast, relatively quiet and fairly easy to do. This technique is the preferred choice for many burglars and is widely used across Bristol and the UK.  


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What types of doors are vulnerable to euro lock snapping? 

Euro locks are fitted to many doors across the UK. Euro lock snapping effects a diverse range of doors including UPVC, composite, aluminium and less often, wood. This problem is wide spread and effects a vast majority of residential and commercial customers in Bristol.  

Is my door vulnerable to euro lock snapping in Bristol? 

  • The most important thing to check is that your euro lock fits flush with your handles on the outside of your door.
  • Make sure your euro lock is kite marked as this means your lock has been accredited to a certain standard. This means your lock has been tested to withstand popular attack methods such as euro lock snapping, picking, and bumping. The euro lock star rating ranges from one star to three star diamond standard. 

How do burglars snap your euro lock? 

Usually burglars will do this by using simple tools. Most commonly mole grips and screwdrivers are the tools of choice. This technique requires lateral force to be applied to the end of the euro lock. This will result in your lock being snapped in half making your door unsecure and the mechanism vulnerable. Then a screwdriver or tool of choice is used to unlock your door. Did you know it normally takes less than a few minutes for burglars to gain access to your home using the euro lock snapping method?

What anti snap locks do we recommend? 

Lower Costing Locksmiths recommend and fit three star diamond standard euro locks that are anti snap, pick, and bump secure in Bristol. The lock brands and locks we use are Versa, Brisant Ultion, Avocet ABS three star rated locks. 

Please note: Locks can be keyed alike (meaning one key can be used to open multiple doors on the same key) keyed differently (every lock operates on a different key). All locks will come with 3 security keys.

Do you require a security site survey or want to upgrade your euro locks in Bristol?

Please call 07846662889 and speak to a fully qualified locksmith now. Lower Costing Locksmiths will be able to advise you of costs and options available to offer the maximum protection to your residential or commercial premises in Bristol. 

Please feel free to call now if you have a question or would like to book a job in.